House Shieldheart

Vassel House to House Stag
House Nickname s: House Boar, House of the Boar
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Heraldry: Quartered, Lozenges Ore on Azure in first and fourth, Ore second and third, a Boar rampant Gule
Motto: Pacis quod Consensio per ferus Vigilance, (“Peace and Harmony through fierce Vigilance”)
House Values: Courage, Strength, Community, Nobility, & Loyalty
House Head: Lord Benedict de Shieldheart
Location: Snowhedge, south-eastern Razor’s Edge
Holdings: Snowhedge Manor
Household Members:
Lord Benedict de Shieldheart, Holder of House name, veteran knight, war hero, age 57.

Lady Josselyn, wife of Lord Benedict de Shieldheart, daughter of Sir Arthur Mowbray, age 52.

Sir Francis Shieldheart, 1st son of Lord Benedict de Shieldheart, war veteran, Middle aged at 35.

Geoffrey Shieldheart, 2nd son of Lord Benedict de Shieldheart, Adult aged at 32, dishonored the family, oathbreaker that joined Orcbane agaisnt the orcs.

Robin Rose Shieldheart , daughter of Lord Benedict de Shieldheart, Sister of the Sun, Adult aged at 28.

Dace Oliver Shieldheart, 3rd son of Lord Benedict de Shieldheart, Youngest of four, wondering Knight (PC)

Simon Shieldheart, younger brother to Lord Benedict de Shieldheart, City Advisor of Razoredge, Middle aged at 41

Sir Thomas Walter the 3rd, Housecarl, Middle aged at 38

Allies: House Rose (Good Standing), House Stag (Fair Standing), House Mowbray (Good Standing), House Fairnell (Fair Standing)
Rivals: House Ravenstein, House Warstride, & House Netherscribe.

House Shieldheart is one of the few surviving vassal houses to the House Stags. Their lands are the south-eastern part of Razor’s Edge. Thier holding is a small walled city named Snowhedge. To this day, it is one of the safest places to be in all of the Razor Edge due to the Shieldherat fierce vigilance against threats, orcs and snow gnolls, to their lands and neighbors.

When House Stag fell, the Shieldhearts stepped up and come the fight against the tribe, rallying the other vassals to bring a minor victory That ended the war. Since then, the
Lord Benedict has

House Shieldheart waits for the day when the kings call them to service to finally push out the green skins from all of the Razor’s Edge.


Hubert Shieldheart, Hero of Razoredge, Slayer of the Ice Lich, and Founder of House Shieldheart.

House Shieldheart

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