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Cazares is the Human(ish) Kingdom where most of the action takes place. It’s a Spanish influenced kingdom that has expanded so much that it absorbed the Dwarven Kingdom (Hammer’s Fall), and the Queendom of the Merfolk. The climate is tropical for most of the kingdom until you get to the north where it’s more tundra.

At the beginning of the most of the timelines, it’s predominantly human with a sizable Dwarven and Halfling minority, and towards the end, Merfolk grow to become a large minority as
well. Depending on the player’s actions, the Great Horde (Green skinned Orcs with Shifters and goblins) could become absorbed into the Cazarian Kingdom as well, but that also has some…challenges.

Humans are humans, just with a Spanish slant.

Dwarves are heavy into the caste system, (lightly) racist against anyone not a dwarf, more so against greenskins.

Halflings are a economically repressed people, the social underdogs that the commonfolk cheer for.

Elves while uncommon, are not native to Cazares, but from Eldar, the nation to the north. You have all three flavors up there, high elves (Arrogant, Magically inclined, and formal), Wood elves (Brown Skinned, down to earth, unable to use magic unless through the spirits), and Drow (which are Drow.)

Merfolk eventually take the place of elves sometimes :D, at the beginning of the time lines, they’re female only. this is due to a curse placed on them by Orin, the Oceanic god of war and self-proclaimed king of the sea. To combat this and to try to repopulate, the Queen of the Merfolk made a deal with Aquatha, the Sea-goddess of life and the result is that they could
shapechange there tails into legs to walk on land. The Nature of the curse prevents the Merfolk in having male babies, until someone cane break the curse.

The Orcs (and Half-orcs) come in two flavors, the ‘Civilized’ and the Tribe orcs. The ‘Civilized’ orcs are your run of the mill D&D PC orcs. The Tribe orcs come from a culture of Strength, Conquering, and Honor. Everyone in the tribe has a job to do, and everyone is taken care of. They thrive on Conquering, weither it’s land, equipment, power, slaves, ‘brides’, etc. They view the ‘pinkskin’ cultures with contempt for they see the beggars on the streets, the fat and lazy in power, and the obscene power that few have from gold as signs that the pinkskin culture values cowardice and greed above all else.

DracoStrife: Depending where you look that last part might be true. :P

CoffeeDave: yup. scars are also a big thing in the tribe culture, there is no wedding ring, but rather a scar. the husband ‘marks’ his wife, with his teeth (or claws if a shifter), somewhere on her skin to show that they are married. she must show that mark to show that she’s married. true to orc culture, you can challenge for wives too. if you lose the fight, you lose that wife.
Magic is not..taboo in tribe culture either, they love ‘Natural’ magics (Druids, clerics, etc), but are suspicious of unnatural magics (Arcane).

Shifters follow the same culture are orcs

DracoStrife: So have the orcs been fully integrated into society?

CoffeeDave: Depends on the time line/Players Actions. The last time they
were, with this play through with Mizv no. I’ll be doing a new timeline for you, so that will be up to you

Tieflings are the same love/hate-able Tieflings. The only territory they claim as there own is the Devil’s Road, two blocks in the Capital city there. only Tieflings can feel safe and at home.

so now that we got the races of note out of the way, for the houses/territories of Cazares XD

The Thorn’s wall
So we’re heading from West to east, The West boarder is the closest to Lexington and the one right on the boarder is The Thorn’s wall. Home of House Throne, Lead by Lord Jaun-Claude Thorn. it is a rebuilding Territory, only recently (within the last 20 years) been reestablished as a Lord’s Territory. Jaun-Claude is a very proper, formal man, very clean and elegant, but unlike the Lexingtonian Lords, he does not place himself above the common folk. The Land is very much a similar climate to Washington/Oregon, and as the name implies, it has lots of roses and thorns.

The biggest issue is they have constant Land Disputes with Lexington, sometimes threatening war.

The Wolves Den
To the North of The Thorns, almost on the border of Lexington, is The Wolves Den, a tundra wasteland that is home to Lord Torolf Wolf, a Former shaman that earned his Lordship through adventuring. he is a mysterious man with a strong connection to the spirits. His wife is Lady Urza and she has slowly grown mad over the years due to the seclusion of the wastes and her strong connection of the arcane magics.
the Biggest issue for this land is the Frost giants and Possible lich.

Razor’s Edge
To the east, across the frozen canyon that leads to Eldar, the nation to the north, is the Razor’s Edge, Home to house Stag, the House that currently wears the crown of the whole kingdom. It is a ‘literal’ rebuilding territory for it was wiped out by the Great Horde years ago and only as recently as 4 years ago are they rebuilding the area. King Dorn, is the head of house Stag, which is a subject of much controversy because he is the son of Warchief Doomfist, of that very same tribe.

Biggest Issue: the threat of a returning orc tribe

To the south of the Razor’s Edge, in the heart of Cazares, is the Capital City of the same name, it’s where you start to see the tropical climate that dominates the majority of the kingdom. King Dorn rules from this city, traditionally, this city is ran by Lord Pyre Rose of house Rose. A Paladin that is very popular with the ladies, but has issues with his stuff being stolen (It’s a running joke at this point). the city has different sections of down (Similar to LA), it is the home to the Halfling Square and the Devil’s Road.

While there are guards in the city that act as Law enforcement, this is the place where the knights live and work when they’re not on a mission/holy quest/etc. Captain Lyle Bronzeheart, a Halfling is the leader of the knights.

Biggest issue: Minior lord Politics, Social/economic repression of the Halflings and Tieflings.

Northern Cross
To the south further still, at the boarder of Saladin the desert nation to the south, is the Northern Cross, sometimes just call the cross. it is a port city teeming with life, crime and corruption. Pirates, crime syndicates and slavers make there home here. even the lord/lady of the Cross is crooked, even with the crown’s direct intervention they just can’t seem to keep the place clean for long. this is also the place with the largest Halfling Population, at 40% of the residents.

Biggest issue: Crime

the Queendom of the Merfolk
To the southern most point of the nation, into the seas is the Queendom of the Merfolk. They have the Curse that I mentioned before. It is lead by Queen Meredith, the most beautiful and lady-like of all of the Merfolk. However she leads the Queendom from the safety of the Capital city of Cazares with her husband Dorn because Ocean Politics feels right at home for Game of thrones fans

DracoStrife: Ocean politics has more death and sex than Game of Thrones.

Geezus. :P
CoffeeDave: On top of assassinations, political backstabbing/grandstanding, they also have the threat of invaders in the Shaugan, lead by Orin, the Oceanic god of war and the deep ones, Merfolk that was long ago banished into the deeper depths of the ocean and got corrupted by the environment down there.

DracoStrife: The classic D&D monster sahuagin?

CoffeeDave: more like sharkfolk. Like King Shark from Aquaman. The Classic Sahuagin you’re thinking of, I’m thinking for the deep ones, like the creature from the black lagoon.

Queendom’s biggest issue: take your pick, as a side note, they’re willing to do anything to keep there numbers up.

House Griffon
So..heading back up north, heading to the north east, is two houses withing 50 miles of each other. the first is House Griffon, making there home in the griffon’s nest. It is (at the moment) Lead by Lord Gabriel Griffon. He is a smooth talking Lord that has the nation and his people’s best interest in mind, but openly butts heads with Dorn due to Dorn’s Heritage (Dorn’s a half-orc in case you forgot). Lord Griffon is also the protector of his houses’ namesake, the Endangered Griffons. only 20 left in the world.

House Hawk, making there home at the Keep of Hawks. Lead by Sebasion hawk, he too is a smooth operator, but always seems to have something to hide, always an agenda.

DracoStrife: Agendas nefarious or otherwise?
Coffeedave: his agendas could be anything, no body knows.

two more houses to go: To the south of these two houses, is the Dwarven Kingdom of Hammer’s Fall. it is also the home of Mt. Vulcan. The Dwarves had a very strict Caste system that prevents almost anyone from climbing. They also fiercely loyal to Vulcan and the Dwarves, not always in that order. They are lead by Lord Vondel Thunderhammer.

biggest issue: the caste system, the fact they’re no long a proper kingdom anymore

The way the Kingdom of the Dwarves and the Queendom of the Merfolk works is, within there own boarders, they are a proper kingdom, but as soon as they leave the boarders, they are Cazarian, wither they like it or not. and that crown becomes a Duke’s hat instead of a proper King/Queen’s Crown

DracoStrife: How well have either side adjusted to it?
CoffeeDave: Dwarves, like any Dwarves, are taking long to adjust to it, especailly because they lost a war for it to happen. The Merfolk are adjusting to it fine due to them joining the greater kingdom for survival

Iron Ilse
One last house: to the seas to the east of the Queendom, signalling the edge of the Kingdom of Cazares, is the Iron Ilse (Named before I saw Game of Thrones). it is where the Cazarian Navy lives. it is also where the biggest population of Dwarves live outside of Hammer’s fall. the Lord of the Iron Ilse is often in flux because the Fleet admiral of the Navy becomes the new Lord of the iron isle. the Island is running off of near-Renaissance era technology

and that…is Cazares
in a nut shell XD

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