The Gods of Cazares

Boomer: What are the gods of the pantheon?

CoffeeDave: So the gods are pretty loose here. they Run off of the Marvel comics’ rule of godhood: So long as people still believe you’re a god, you stay a god.
So we have been running with 4 gods so far, but it can be expanded upon (so feel free to add if need be)
the Most Popular god in the kingdom is Vulcan the Creator. It is a literal Volcano that ascended into Godhood. It is the god of fire, creation and life. However the teachings of Vulcan is often up to interpretation because Vulcan does not speak. It is a volcano. It communicates at best through Mental empathy. Also, as a Literal Volcano, Vulcan can be travel to and visited

The next 2 gods are War gods. the first being Gazghull the Orcish god of War, the war god of Land. He rewards conquest, cunning, and improvisation.

the second war god is Orin, the Oceanic god of war, self-proclaimed king of the sea. He’s a Blood red Shaugan (Shark-folk), and while Gazghull rewards cunning, Orin rewards brutality, trophy taking, and rage. He leads his people indirectly against the merfolk.

The two war gods keep each other in check. they both know they could kill each other in a war, but that would leave them weakened enough that someone else would come in and finish the job.

Next up is Aquatha, the Sea-goddess of Love, beauty, and well…the sea. She is the Merfolk goddess and the reason the merfolk can shape change there legs from fins into feet.

and finally, there’s Polaris the Traveler, the Oceanic god of Travel. I didn’t elaborate too much on him in previous play through, but as the name implies, he’s the god of travel, freedom, and self-reliance. he’s incredibility difficult to track down because he’s always on the move. So don’t expect too many temples to the traveler

and that’s it, anything to expand the gods go for it. just keep in mind that in the Material realm, the gods are closer to Hercules power, they don’t hit there full power until they enter the gods’ realms.

The Gods of Cazares

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