Queen Tara Stag(McGavin)

Huntress Queen


Full Name: Tara
Sex: Female
Race: human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Ranger
Hometown: The wilds

Personality: Tolerant the different races, can be very blunt and crass but also has alot of love to give. Passionate.
Flaw: Can be to crass and hotheaded at times
Appearance: Tall, adventurers build, blonde hair and green eyes
Eye Color/Hair Color:
Height/Weight: 5’11 160

Equipment: Leather armor, nobles attire, adventurers equipment.

Weapons: Bow. Shortsword

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Orcish
Current Location: Cazares City


Tara was raised in the wilds by her druid mother and ranger father, she is the oldest of 11 children, with Sir conan being one of her oldest brothers. As such shes been around and seen many types of people which has shaped her to be accepting of them regardless of their race, even the tieflings are not exempt from this. However because of her upbringing it caused her to grow up without many inhibitions. she can hold her own in a barfight and has on more than one occasion punched a minor lord. Her wildness and strength is what drew dorn to her. She loves deeply and is angered just as much.

Queen Tara Stag(McGavin)

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