Dace Shieldheart

A young, naive show knight with a generous heart. But Dace is no fool, he is a perceptive individual.


Full Name: Sir Dace Oliver Shieldheart
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Knight
Noble House: Shieldheart [Minor House], House of the Boar
Hometown: Snowhedge

Personality: Easy going, duty bound, Loyal
“The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity.”
Ideal: “It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.”
Bond: “Nothing is more important than the other members of my family.”
Flaw: “I hide a truly scandalous secret that could ruin both my family and another house forever.”


Eye Color/Hair Color: Short Black hair / Blue eyes
Height/Weight: 6’7" / 237 lbs
Distinguished Markings: Coat of Arms on Shield and left Shoulder plate. His Chest Plate has engraved Family Crest on it

Languages: Common, Halfling, Dwarven.


Sword of the Hunt , Bastard Sword, Lance, 3 daggers, Short Sword, Hunting bow (short bow).
Armor: Field Plate, Shield
Equipment: Fine Clothing, Travel Bag

  • Swiftflight, War Horse with Light Armor, Combat Saddle.
  • Lazy, Lily’s Mule with cart
    Other items: Aamos’s wooden rose, Bat’leth.
    Fate Points: 2 of 3.

Current Location:

The Wovle’s Den

NPC Retainers:

Lily “Freesong” Cottonlock
Female Halfling, Minstrel, age 23
The mild-mannered and carefree black hair and green eye musician who tend to sing tales of both successes and failings of her dear friend’s adventure in humorous anecdotes with a lute. She dresses in fair modest shirt with leather kilt and wears a beret with a large feather.
Frederick Rundelhouse of House Rose
Male Human, Aristocrat/Squire, age 13
A young fair dressed boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He a brash and boastful person and some sort of a narcissist. He has a habit of using French terms when being especially flamboyant. Despite this, he is rather hard working and heroic in ‘certain’ situations.

NPC Followers:

Male Tiefling, Low-level Diviner
fluff spot

Rivals: Harrett Ravenstein, Kasim Grimstrong


As the youngest of four, Dace was raised in a noble warrior upbringing. Being school in the history, etiquette, and most importantly, the art of war. His training as a squire under Master Wylan Waleforge was more of a favor at frist until Dace showed that he was a natural learner which his master refer as having the ‘Mimic Eye.’ Under Master Waleforge, Dace becoming a very skilled warrior of his own, mastering the Iron Wall (Defense), Twin Fang, and the Charging Boar (Shield Fighting) fighting styles.

After becoming Knight, Dace was eager to help his house against the incursions up north. He father had other plans and instead encouraged Dace to travel the lands, broaden his horizons, and to fulfil a promise that his brother, Geoffrey, failed to do. Taking on a sqiure from a vassal house, Rundelhouse of House Rose. So he did and travel the lands with his new squire, competing in tournaments and helping others. It was at his first tourney that he met Lily and she took a liking to them. She offer her services as both a entertainer and skilled informant in exchange for protect and a story of adventure. The trio went forth doing some good here and there, attending tourneyments, fighting gnolls and goblins, and other wrong doers for the next three year. Then Dace got his first summons from a lord, which was the begin of interesting things to come.

“Politics! I hate it!”
“Don’t you dare tell me whats at stake.”
“Why can’t things just be simple?”
“Dam it Ed! I an honest knight, not a politician. "

Dace Shieldheart

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