Millaethorne "Millie" Calafalas

A half elf knight of the nation of cazares


Full Name: Madam Millaethorne “Millie” Calafalas
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Race: Half elf
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Knight
Noble House: None, knight of Cazares.
Hometown: Brookston

Personality: Kind, gentle, passive, forgiving, persevering.
Ideal: “These people…they need me…the way I once needed my king”
Flaw: Finds it hard to tell people no, easily exploited by people who have power over her even when they dont mean to. can be timid, hates too many people staring at her

Eye Color/Hair Color: Short whitish hair / Violet eyes
Height/Weight: 5’2 / 110 lbs


Weapons: Spear, Shield, Sling and stones,
Armor: Full plate
Mount: Horse
Languages: elven, common, orcish
Current Location: Cazares City


Millaethorne "Millie" Calafalas

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